MODE Book Interview

I had the privilege of interviewing Justin Blyden on his new book: MODE. This book uncomplicates healthy lifestyle by highlighting relatable ideas, practical fitness and alternative food possibilities! A quick, easy and motivational read that inspires you to take the journey of health and wellness in order to be the best you can be! Learn more and pick up your copy on Amazon today!

Whole Foods Excursion

Sparkling water is a great alternative to sodas & alcohol. Also, beets have valuable nutrients that can lower blood pressure, fight cancer, boost your energy and detox your body.

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Eating Healthy & Phytonutrients

The more colors you have on your plate, the more nutritious your salad will be! Fruits & veggies heal our bodies and what you put in your body has the ability to give you life or take it away. Count your colors, not your calories, and eat that rainbow of a salad! Thanks Justin Blyden, author of the new book: Mode for a great time at Whole Foods & putting your positivity, knowledge & experience out there for others.