Danielle, a southern vegan

I'm glad you're here. My name is Danielle Ray and I am a sober vegan living in the south. I grew up loving animals and knew I didn't want to eat them, so at age 11 I became a vegetarian. In 2014 I took the next step and went vegan wondering why it took me so long to do so. Most recently in 2018 I decided to embrace sobriety.  I decided to write this blog to gain back the creativity I lost while numbing myself all these years and spread the word of animal rights, self care and having fun while living healthy lifestyle in the south, 



Why Veganism? For the animals, for the planet and for your health. It's been a bumpy road especially navigating paths less traveled  like veganism and sobriety in a part of the country that thrives on beef, grease and beer. I'm seeking to be part of a solution rather than part of the problem. My goal is to share my experiences, adventures and information embracing a healthy lifestyle and the struggles of living a minority point of view. 



Why sobriety? I always jokingly considered myself an unhealthy "healthy" person. I ate right, exercised but yet I partied like a rockstar, smoked and drank. It was like I was living two lives and constantly torn between the two. When I found my bottom, I decided it was time to quit drinking, smoking and numbing my emotions for good and recover the person I was truly meant to be. This is my journey.